Kern (ValCo) Regional Academy Spotlight

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October 21, 2022

Summer 2023 Spotlight

The Valley To Coast Regional Academy Advisory Committee discussed the need to build upon our region’s 21CSLA Coach onboarding training. Each county within the region expressed a collective interest in developing a robust regional training series for Leadership Coaches. The 21CSLA Advisory Committee developed a subgroup called the “Coaching Collaborative” which consisted of representatives from 21CSLA and CASC in each of our partner counties. The Coaching Collaborative met for four days in person with an objective to develop a three-tiered coaching professional learning series. Each person within the Coaching Collaborative committed to developing one essential strand of the professional learning series. Learn more here about the resource and partnership we developed. 

We are very proud of the resource that was developed and even prouder of the collective partnership within our six counties to take a seedling “I wonder if….” and co-create a “DREAM BIG” final product.

Tier I: 21CSLA Coach Onboarding
A training to orient newly hired coaches to the 21CSLA program, purpose, mission, and vision.

Tier II: Foundational 21CSLA Coaching
A training to support 21CSLA coaches in the first year of their role. This professional learning series consists of topics such as mindsets, communication, relationships, coaching frameworks, an introduction to local context and policy, coaching protocols, goal setting, and equity.

Tier III: Advanced 21CSLA Coaching
A training focused on current educational trends, continuous improvement practices, leading for change, and equity.

Spring 2023 Spotlight

The Valley to Coast 21CSLA Regional Academy offers three pathways of professional learning centered around leadership, equity, and continuous improvement—Localized Professional Learning, Communities of Practice, and Individualized Leadership Coaching—across six California counties (Fresno, Kern, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura).

This Regional Academy Spotlight highlights our Communities of Practice (CoP) and Localized Professional Learning. We are facilitating seven communities for teacher, site, and district office leaders.

2022–2023 Communities of Practice
Alternative Education School Leaders CoP for School Leaders
Equity and the LCAP CoP for District Leaders
Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) CoP for District-Level JEDI Leaders
Leading While Female CoP for Teacher, Site, and District Level Females
Male Leaders of Color CoP for Teacher, Site, and District Level Male Leaders of Color
New School Leaders CoP for New School Leaders
Using Improvement Science to Advance Equity Advanced CoP to support Improvement Science Institute Participants

Each Community of Practice supports leaders to improve their capacity to facilitate systemic change, develop cultures of collaboration, utilize continuous improvement principles, and lead for equity and improved student outcomes.

2022–2023 Professional Learning: Open to All Leaders in the ValCo Region
Destigmatizing Mental Health Support for Staff, Students, and Their Families
Fierce Conversations
Five Practices of Equity-Focused School Leaders
Implicit Bias and Mitigation
Myths & Misunderstandings of Inclusionary Practices
Suicide Prevention and Resilience Training
Supporting the African American Learner
Transforming School Cultures Through Challenging Everyday Racism

For more information, please visit our website at, check out our program calendar, or contact Tina Cunningham, Project Director III, Los Angeles County Office of Education, at