Digitally Mediated Learning

Background image: Teacher and three boys working on tablets

21CSLA provides TK–12 education leaders with equity-centered professional learning and supports digitally mediated learning, which takes place in virtual, in-person, and hybrid formats. Digitally mediated learning in 21CSLA utilizes an instructional technology approach to identify electronic tools that can be used to facilitate equitable learning opportunities for leaders. It also employs an educational technology lens to guide the use of those tools to design powerful learning experiences that lead to deeper learning.

  • What? Digital tools and resources including multimodal devices and the internet
  • How? Skills, norms, perspectives, and practices of critical digital literacy that enhance professional learning through the integration of tools and resources
  • Why? Transformative professional learning in hybrid, virtual, and in-person settings requires the strategic integration of appropriate digital tools, resources, and innovation

Digitally mediated learning support is provided by the 21CSLA State Center with professional learning consultation for Center and Regional Academy leaders to strategically integrate digitally mediated learning practices, cultivate critical digital literacy and use of evidence to model transformational professional learning for leaders. The 21CSLA Digitally Mediated Learning Team supports the following domains (aligned to the ISTE Standards21CSLA Center Way; and 21CSLA Four Professional Learning Principles, p. 8):

  • Develop critical curiosity
  • Cultivate critical digital literacy
  • Curate digital tools and resources
  • Focus on localized needs
  • Design and model digitally mediated learning practices
  • Provide professional learning consultation
  • Support continuous improvement

Meet our Digitally Mediated Learning Team