Vignette: Sketchnoting


Sketchnoting is a visual notetaking method.


Sketchnoting provides as an interactive graphic recording of learning for individuals and groups of learners.


Learners write words and phrases and sketch images and symbols that represent the content of a presentation or speech.

Sketchnoting and 21CSLA

21CSLA State Center hosted a sketchnote artist from Frame the Message Ink to the Spring 2022 Collective Retreat, representing the keynote concepts pertaining to issues of equity in education.

The 21CSLA Riverside/San Diego Regional Academy hosted a sketchnote artist from See your Words to highlight the keynote concepts at their Learn, Lead, Liberate Conference in the Summer of 2023 as well. Sketchnoting can be modeled and practiced in professional learning and classroom settings. Alt text is provided in the images for access.

Share your examples of sketchnoting with us by posting and tagging @21CSLA on social media and on California Educators Together (click on "Create Free Account" to get access).