Digitally Mediated Learning Vignettes

Equity Inquiry

How can TK-12 education leaders leverage digital tools and strategies to deepen learning and expand access and equity?


21CSLA Digitally Mediated Learning Vignettes highlight selected learning strategies that can be incorporated into professional learning with school leaders. These strategies include scaffolds for using specific digital texts and tools also with explanations of the "what," "why," and "how" considerations for implementation. Vignettes provide examples of equity-centered digitally mediated professional learning design and facilitation to improve equity, access, inclusion, belonging, engagement, community, and innovation with diverse learners and contexts.


21CSLA Digitally Mediated Learning Vignettes are intended to influence education leaders as professional learning resources posted on the 21CSLA Digitally Mediated Learning webpage for cultivation of critical digital competencies and transformational professional learning.

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