Vignette: Hybrid Learning


Hybrid learning takes place both in-person and virtually.


Hybrid learning provides greater access to all learners while prioritizing inclusion, belonging, and deeper learning.


Hybrid learning connects learners through a video conferencing platform and shared digital resources.

Hybrid learning and 21CSLA

21CSLA State Center facilitates hybrid collective retreats as a professional learning format with 21CSLA Regional Academy Leaders. In the fall and spring, participants convene at a physical place and virtually from their location, depending on their availability. This method has been practiced on a smaller scale with the Berkeley School of Education's Leadership Programs meetings and special events such as the 21CSLA Showcase.

Pictured below, California State Board of Education President Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond was the keynote speaker and livestreamed in to participants via Zoom.

Linda Darling Hammond livestreaming her talk to the 21CSLA Fall 2022 Retreat audience

With audiovisual (A/V) support, devices are connected to speakers and large screens for in-person participants to listen and view. For equitable participation in main and breakout rooms, designated in-person participants join from laptops and facilitate physical room space with in-person and virtual participants, enhanced with a 360 degree meeting room camera, such as the "Meeting Owl" by Owl Labs. Virtual participants engage through Zoom with other virtual and in-person participants and shared digital resources including Google Docs for the co-construction of learning. Refer to an example in action from the Fall 2022 Collective Retreat and its impact on participants with this video, Universal Design for Learning metacognitive companion, and hybrid facilitation guide.

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21CSLA Fall 2022 Collective Retreat