21CSLA Showcase 2023: Impact on Equity Leadership in California

May 25, 2023

The 21st Century California School Leadership Academy (21CSLA) brought more than 90 people together in Sacramento on May 11 to highlight the impact of California's investment in school leaders and commitment to expanding equity for underrepresented students and families. 

State Board of Education President Linda Darling-Hammond, the day's keynote speaker, shared research on the importance of school leadership in building equity in schools. She talked about how 21CSLA is such "an important part of our state effort right now to really bring California back."

Dr. Rebecca Cheung, director of the 21CSLA State Center, highlighted research about the stresses on educators,  21CSLA's strategies for professional learning, and the impact in California to date. She said her role at the State Center has given her the chance to learn about California and its educational leaders. 

"Even though the context of their work is so different, there are so many people dedicated to our children," Cheung said. 

This brief video shared at the showcase highlights the intent of 21CSLA and this 21CSLA Cohort 1 impact report details impact across the state since 2020. 

Participants in the 21CSLA Showcase included representatives from the California Department of Education, State Board of Education, and California Collaborative for Educational Excellence, and University of California Office of the President as well as leaders of the 21CSLA State Center and seven Regional Academies statewide. 

"Thank you for your dedication to principals and school leadership to make an impact on our schools, teachers, and students here in California," said the CDE's Monique McWayne as she welcomed participants to the event. 

The UCOP's Claudia Martinez applauded 21CSLA's "unique and historic collaboration of dedicated education leaders" through the state's PK–12 and higher education systems.

"As a landgrant institution dedicated to serving California's diverse communities, we share the goal of the 21CSLA partnership to cultivate and empower school leaders who are dedicated to the ideals of academic excellence, equity, and increasing educational opportunity for underserved students," said Martinez. 

Following opening remarks and videos, Regional Academy leaders and 21CSLA State Center initiative leaders held roundtable discusses on the impact in the first three years. Find slides and other materials that accompanied these presenatations and other links at the 21CSLA Showcase page